Tuesday, January 17, 2017

First Barn Lesson

The farrier came yesterday to pull the shoes on Hank and Brother since it doesn't look like there will be much riding until spring.  So while he was here I thought I would have him trim the new horse's feet. With her growing so fast I wanted her feet to be balanced.  No pictures of that but she was perfect.  Her first time up at the new barn and she acted like a pro.   Since the weather is mild and I don't have to worry about the water tub freezing I decided to leave her in the barn lot. 
 That made it easier to work with her today, in the barn for the first time.  The farrier had asked if I had been working with her and my initial response was no, just feeding her twice a day.   But after I started thinking about it she has had a lot of little lessons, leading, backing, backing off a ledge (like unloading off a trailer), grooming, picking up her feet, desensitizing her to the lead rope, giving her head, flexing her neck, yielding the front and rear...I had done more than I had realized.
 So today I let her into the barn and she made a bee line for the spooky stuff corner and nothing spooked her.
 I tied her with the Blocker Tie ring and she acted like she has been doing this all along.  There was a little pawing and trying to bite the rope but she never even thought about pulling back.
 So while we were having such a good day, I pulled out the blue tarp.   I started by walking away dragging it and letting her follow, a couple of little run arounds and then she was fine with it.  I was even able to rub her all over with little problem.
And it wasn't long before she was walking across like a pro.  Her curious nature is finally starting to come out.  I think she will be a lot of fun.


Crystal said...

She sounds like a nice sensible girl.

C said...

I know she is making you happy.

Mrs Shoes said...

Still just NewHorse?

Ruth said...

She sounds like she's gonna be a pretty cool horse!!

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