Friday, January 6, 2017

Giant Snowflake

Before I finish taking down the last of my Christmas decorations, I have one more craft project to share.
 I had seen some giant snowflakes on Pinterest
from pinterest 
and thought that might be a good project for some thin scrapes of wood that I had left  from other projects.
Getting the angles was a little tedious but there was nothing too challenging about the construction.  Just a nail in the center then gluing and clamping all of the rest and a little bit of spray paint.  Pretty easy for a nearly 3 foot snowflake.   I think it makes a nice impact over the door with the stars.  Maybe they can stay up there until spring.


Crystal said...

nice job, I seen those the angles made me quit before I started

C said...

Looks great. I think you outdid the pinterest inspiration.

Mrs Shoes said...

Mad respect just for not cutting your finger off in these projects; I am banned from using Mr Shoes' tools altogether.

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