Sunday, February 12, 2017

B & B Horse Judging Contest

Since E aged out of 4-H a couple of years ago I haven't had much opportunity to help out with any judging contests.   But now E is in Block and Bridle and on the college horse judging team.  The class she is taking to be on the team required that she judge in the contest.  And I, for some reason, got a last minute request to take reasons.  
 There was a beautiful class of Saddlebreds that I got to hear the Jr. FFA reasons on.  Luckily I got to see the class because I would know nothing by listening to the FFAers.
 I heard unusual terms like "torsion" - used in a sentence, "one had better torsion which is good."  I have no idea what that even means.  Also, apparently one horse had a "back and belly that didn't align."  And surprisingly, in a halter class, 3 kids thought the horses cantered.  Half the kids read their notes, one girl even reading her name and where she was from.  And one girl had such a bad panic attack I thought she was going to pass out.  She left the room in tears.  I get that reasons are hard but I wish that the coaches would practice with the kids more.  It is a great skill to have that translates to so many other areas of life.
I don't know what E got for her grade but she looked pretty relaxed judging.  And, she is getting to go to Oklahoma to a contest in the spring.

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Mrs Shoes said...

I thought 'torsion' was a flipped stomach, like in large breed dogs who sometimes die from twisted guts.? but what do I know. I do know that *I* (no judge here) think that Saddlebred has a regal look about her - the attitude is beautiful to me.

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