Saturday, April 29, 2017

Contamination Catastrophe

J has been wanting to move a group of cows that have already calved out to our rented pasture for 3 weeks now.  But the wedding and 4 inches of rain had delayed the process.  
 But yesterday finally worked out to get them up.  We were vaccinating the cows and calves, implanting the steers and tagging the calves.  Everything was laid out and ready to go.
 Then the first group of cows in the barn created the worse mess ever.  One of the cows deliberately backed up to the barrel and let loose.  It sort of ruined my attempt and a clean field for my vet supplies.
 J had a few choice words about that one.
After a couple of buckets of water we were ready to try again. 
It was nice to get one bunch worked and turned out.


Alica said...

Just like a cow...deliberately contaminate the field!! We have one that lets loose every. single. time. that Jim walks behind her!

Crystal said...

Ha cows! We had a bull who would wait till Neil was close with the Bob then let go, lucky Bob had a windshield lol

C said...

"Let loose" has a whole new meaning. UGH!

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