Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Easter Bunny Tryouts

With Easter just around the corner we are searching for the Easter Bunny.  And I think I found it, just look at those ears. 
This one is part of the set of triplets born in the barn during the cold rain storm last week.  
I should have known there was a problem when it came running up to me away from her mother who is in the back ground.  The next morning "Bunny" was in the barn but too weak to stand.   Mom didn't have enough milk for all three.  So she has been added to my bottle goat collection.
Kid Count - 43.


Mrs Shoes said...

I'm never sure if I'm envious of you or relieved not to Be you at kidding time... Bunny is awfully sweet, but I bet she can't be trusted with Easter candy.

Crystal said...

Haha she is pretty cute! How many are you bottle feeding now?

C said...

I had the same question as Crystal. Bunny is cute.

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