Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Goats Are Complicated

Sometimes goats are cute.
 But most of the time they are complicated.
 Yesterday it started pouring down rain about the time I usually make my rounds through the goat field.  One of my pet goats was looking very close that morning.  When I checked on them in the rain, she was in early labor.  I made the decision to go ahead and move her to the barn since she is so tame.  She ended up with triplets and is so far accepting them all.
 When I made my evening rounds I found this confusion.  I knew the brown and white one was close but the yellow one I wasn't expecting.  She was acting like she wanted to steal one of the brown one's.  After I ran her off I noticed the size difference and decided that maybe the white baby was hers after all.
 I separated it out and she seemed ok with it and the brown and white nanny was happy with her two.   The additional problem is the big white nanny in the back.  She is the mother to the younger one which she is still possessive over.  So there are 3 generations where granny doesn't want baby with daughter.   Are you confused yet.
Then this morning I go out and find yet another baby with her.  But the second one she doesn't like at all.

 They really are a pain when they do this.
 Poor little thing got pushed out.
So now I am milking the pet in the barn with the weak triplet (other 2 were dead) and taking a bottle and feeding the abandoned twin to make sure it gets colostrum.
Kid Count - 27


Crystal said...

yikes that does sound confusing

Rose said...

Oh, my goodness, what a mess...but oh, they are so, so cute.

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