Friday, April 7, 2017

Total Chaos

The wood floors went in this week.  The entire house is in total Chaos.
 Furniture has been from one end to the other but mostly in the middle.
The hall is full, the closets are empty.  Half our clothes are up stairs or piled in the laundry room.  The play room is packed with chairs, books and glass wear.  Not a room has been left unscathed.  I will be spending the next few days cleaning sawdust, carpet bits and drywall dust out of the entire house.  Anyone want to come help move furniture?
Oh, and the floors are beautiful by the way.


Mrs Shoes said...

I don't feel sorry for you, you are getting hardwood floors out of the deal.
Did I sound envious just now? That's because I am. ;-)

C said...

Wow. I have been wondering how you all are fairing with this big change. I was hoping to see a shot that showed off the new floors better. But I'm sure that is coming.

Crystal said...

Well lets see the floors! That looks like a mess til it gets done

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