Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Surprise Visitor

Wildlife is everywhere on a farm so I shouldn't be surprised when it shows up in the yard.
 But this one was a bit of a shock.
 Considering we are on top of a very high hill, way above the creek, I just didn't expect a snapping turtle in the yard.
 He was a cute thing and not all that shy about getting a picture taken.
But he was also pretty quick.  When we came back from feeding the goats, he was gone.  Hopefully, he made it back to the water.


Crystal said...

Wow that's a new one. Would be rather unexpected

C said...

Interesting pattern on the shell.

Michelle said...

They can be dangerous!

Alica said...

I found one of them in the middle of the road last summer, and had to use a crowbar (the only "safe" thing in the truck to move him with) to get him to the side of the road. He was NOT a happy camper!

koi seo said...

Would be rather unexpected


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