Sunday, July 9, 2017

Calves, Tires, And Company

Yesterday was action packed from start to finish. 
 We headed to J.J.'s to wean the fall calves and met the mechanic there already changing the tractor tires.
 J has been using his dad's tractor at this farm and it was time for a new set of front tires before there was a blow out.   The mechanic made quick work of it and was done in 10 minutes.
 I can't help but think of something I heard one time about Loretta Lynn in her song Coal Miner's Daughter.  She is the only person that could rhyme tired and hard.  I'm pretty sure I could add J to that list.
 Next up was gathering the cattle which is always easy because of J's pre work the day before, already having them in a smaller lot and all the coral panels in place.
Then we just had to sort out the cows,
  pick out a few replacement heifers,
then load everyone else on the trailer for a trip to the house.  
Three trips later they were all here. 
Then J squirted them with some dewormer and they are ready to turn out on a bigger boundary this evening.
No pictures, but then we had a visit from the feedlot operator from Circle 5 in Nebraska.  He came around 1 and talked cattle with J until another local cattle produce showed up at 3 and the conversations started over again.  Then V and M came at 5, our cattle friends Robbie and Lynn showed up at 6 and then their son got here after 8.  Lots of cattle and crop talk over hamburgers and potato salad.  Busy, busy day.


C said...

Sounds like you got a full day of work in before all the cattle talk. I'm sure J enjoyed it all.

Crystal said...

Sure wasn't a chance to be bored. Nice job to have done

Shirley said...

A good kind of day.

koi seo said...

Nice job to have done


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