Monday, July 17, 2017

Family Outing

We had some wonderful company Saturday, M and V came to go riding. 
 It has been awhile since we have had 4 horses out at once.
 J helped M with some adjustments on Hanks tack.
 V rode her old friend Jessica, J was on Brother and I rode Pep.   After a few minutes in the barn to make sure all tack was ok,
 we headed up to the arena for a little warm-up.
 V and M didn't stay completely focused on the horses though.
 But J gave Brother a workout.
 Then it was off and around the farm.
 J was the official gate opener.
 All the horses behaved themselves, more or less. (couple of spells out of Brother with all the excitement of extra horses)
   I think M liked checking on the heifers.
  Pep and I made it to the front at one point.
  But usually she was tagging along in the back, way back.
 It was a nice 2 hours ride.  Jessica did her signature roll afterwards.
While everyone else just ate.
M might be ready for a real trail ride after this.


Michelle said...

Looks like a nice ride!

C said...

I'm sure you're excited about getting a new trail rider. That picture of Jessica rolling looks just so weird.

Virginia Reasor said...

Ready for the next one

koi seo said...

That picture of Jessica rolling looks just so weird.


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