Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Out of the Dog House

Last week we found 2 dead baby goats. We thought coyotes had killed them but usually they would have eaten them, so we thought it unusual. Then Friday we had 3 killed in broad daylight near the barn where Emma had just been running around. We couldn't believe she would have done it but she was right there. Since then we've been keeping Emma chained or in her dog pen. Then yesterday on the way up the driveway I saw 2 dogs in the field and another dead goat. Emma was off the hook. We caught one of the dogs at a neighbor's house and I'm sure the other dog was their's too but couldn't prove it.

How could we believe something so bad from such a sweet dog.

1 comment:

Milly said...

I'm so glad that Emma was found innocent. I hope your neighbor keeps their dogs away from your little baby goats.

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