Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Hereford Bull

Well, our Hereford bull didn't last long.  We bought him in February.  He has been in the bull lot for the last 2 weeks after being out with 80 cows (and another bull).  Saturday J thought he looked a little full.  He didn't check the bulls Sunday.  Then Monday evening he said the bull looked as big as a barn.  It turned out not to be bloat but abdominal fluid, most likely urine. Usually, a bull will become obstructed with bladder stones blocking the outflow of urine and eventually rupturing the bladder.  But in his case he has still been able to urinate and he is still eating and not dehydrated.  We ended up draining about 20 gallons of fluid off of his abdomen which was probably only half of what was there.
In less than 24 hours the fluid was building back up significantly.
We decided to donate him to the Vet School.  If by some chance they are able to fix him, we will be able to buy him back.
We are not holding out much hope of seeing him again.

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