Tuesday, June 1, 2010


I've been working with Hank a lot lately and am really impressed by his easy going attitude and hunter potential. I had the hunter saddle on him Sunday to see how he would look. E even got on him voluntarily with the hunter saddle. This was a big deal considering she only rides Pep- period.
I think the hunter tack suited him and he did wonderful. He never budged while E struggled to get on. Hank is at least 5 inches taller than Pep plus the hunter stirrups are shorter.
He looked great at the trot and canter.
E was posting with no problem. She even shockingly made the comment she wouldn't mind showing Hank hunter.
Hank even tolerated E's mistakes well. I think I have a diamond in the rough. I can't wait to get him to a show. I am even hopeful he might be able to jump.


C said...

Go E go! I hope E and V have a great horse show season.

fernvalley01 said...

He sure looks like he would be a versatile horse.Is he a dun sometimes photos are deceptive

Judy said...

Wow!! Sounds like Hank is moving right along. He and E. look like they will make a pretty good team in the arena.

The 4 R's said...

He doesn't have a dorsal stripe so I guess he is just a light sorrel.

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