Saturday, June 5, 2010

Homemade Jumps

When I rode Hank this morning I decided to try and jump him over the little cinder block jump I have in the ring. First I had the blocks laying on the side and he just took that in stride, no need to jump. So I turned the blocks up on end with the pole on top. This made about a 20 inch jump. He trotted right to it never hesitated and jumped very smoothly with no excitement afterwards. We trotted over the jump several times with no problems. It was a little too wet to canter. Because of his wonderful attitude I decided to make some real jumps.
Of course I can't go out and buy anything new. I dug through some scrap lumber piles and came up with 3 good posts.
I used some oak board pieces left over from a fencing project for the base and hinges for the pole supports. Now I just need to get E to paint them for me I we'll be ready to go.

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