Saturday, December 4, 2010

First Snow of the Season

Originally billed as a fast moving clipper, this first snow has so far lasted all day with a four inch accumulation.
This is making it a little more challenging for J to feed the cattle. We were hoping to get them to the feedlot last week, but they weren't going to have room until next week, so that leaves J having to feed them here longer. Since we don't have a bulk feed bin J has to go to town twice a week to get fed.
Today, he had to shove out the troughs first.
He gets the feed in 50 pound sacks which this feed store won't reuse. (anyone know what to do with 1000 feed sacks?)
Unfortunately, we don't have a vertical feed mixer for J to use.
But he does manage to get quite a bit of work done the old fashion way.
After all of my planing and crafting it looks like I won't be able to ride in the parade tomorrow. With the snow we can't get the trailer in and turned around and the wind is suppose to get up into the 30 mph range tomorrow. Maybe they will postpone the parade.

1 comment:

Crystal said...

aww that sucks about the parade. Did you get the costumes made, I would like to still see them on the ponies.

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