Friday, December 10, 2010

Freak Accident

Once again our farm is too steep.
Add a little snow and sub freezing temperatures and we have our own luge course.
Apparently, (from J's eye witness account) Hank was at the top of the hill rolling in the snow when he started sliding down the hill on his side with his back down the hill. He picked up considerable speed until, with a sickening thud, he slid into the lower walnut tree. You can see the track in the snow. This caused him to spin 180 degrees and then head off over the ridge out of J's sight. J said Hank was standing when he got over to him. J took him to the barn and called me at work so I could bring home whatever medicine I thought he might need. I couldn't tell in the dark when I got home what all was wrong, but he was definitely sore and swollen over his withers. I gave him a shot of banimine and went back to check on him this morning.

Looks like he hit more on his back than withers. He is still pretty sore today, but walking well and eating fine. Hopefully, everything will be ok. He sure is giving me a big scare. We have now had cows, calves, tractors and horses slide off these hills. Maybe we should just sell everything except the goats. That, or move to Nebraska.


Rambling said...

Poor Hank! Hope he heals quickly.

Crystal said...

wow what a weird thing to happen! hope he gets better quickly.

C said...

I'm just cringing reading about Hank. I hope he is ok.

Don't go to Nebraska!!

Sherry Sikstrom said...

Poor guy! glads it isn't worse!

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