Sunday, January 30, 2011


WARNING Graphic pictures to follow. Continue at your own risk. (but not as bad as the last time I warned you).
When J was feeding the group of cows up the road, he saw a problem with this one. She is the mother of the first steer V showed and won Reserve Light Weight Steer with.
You can sort of see the concern.
She had a vaginal prolapse.
I gave her a lidocaine epidural so she would stop straining.
Then cleaned her off and replaced the prolapse. The problem is that when the epidural wears off she'll start straining again and reprolapse.
That's why the BIG needle. I don't have one so I had to go borrow it from a Vet I work with that also has a large animal practice.
You can see the needle gets shoved up under the skin on one side, then umbilical tape is threaded in the eye and pulled back down.
The same procedure is repeated on the other side.
Have to make sure to not tie the string too tight.
Now everything is back in place.
I just have some cleaning up to do.
And the patient has to check out the work.
I guess it passed her inspection because she when right to eating.


fernvalley01 said...

Not so bad, but nice that you were able to get on it right away. We have had over the years some really awful prolapses ,quite a challenge to get them in and treated , poor old dolly's its got to be pretty painful

luckybunny said...

This was really interesting and helpful... I've only had to deal with a very slight one on a puppy once, amazing seeing you get it all fixed up and taken care of.

Alica said...

I only remember seeing a prolapsed uterus one time on our farm with a cow...what a time of it that was! This kind of post intrigues me...I've always enjoyed watching the vet when he comes to work on a cow...or watching surgery if we have a cow with a twist.

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