Saturday, March 19, 2011

Blocker Tie Ring

We  have had Otoelene for 3 weeks now and decided it is time to teach her to stand tied.  I think she was tied up once before we got her.  I have always felt that tying is very traumatic, usually more so on me than the horse because I worry about all of the things that can go wrong.
 I have been seeing ads for the Blocker Tie Ring I thought this might be a good option.
 I used the first setting and gave it a try.
 About the only testing she did was to try and scratch an itch.
I left her tied for about 15 minutes.  So far so good.
I'll try to give you a break from Otoelene and post about something else for the next few days.


IanH said...

Hey, I don't mind Otoelene at all. I enjoy seeing how other people handle green horses. Great posts.

C said...

Otoelene seems to have a great disposition.

The Japanese Redneck said...

I like her! She looks a lot like our Ziggy right now. Especially when we got him as a weanling.

Thanks for coming by!

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