Monday, March 28, 2011

Out Like A Lion

We woke up to a bit of a March snow storm today.  Surprisingly, school was not canceled so V, at 6:20 asked if she could take the Rav (in the garage) because her car was covered with snow.
 Another one of the Herefords decided to calve this morning.  Poor thing looks a little cold but she is taking good care of it.
 The snow shows up nicely against a black background.
 My Camilla is still alive after repeated harsh weather and the infamous goat pruning (see )
 My iron wheels are still needing a more artistic location.
 The yoshino cherry trees are on the verge of blooming.
At least snows this time of year don't hang around long.  50's are forecast for tomorrow.


fernvalley01 said...

I see March is a funny month there too. Spring is coming ... right?

farmer said...

We had snow here today as well, first time in weeks.
Congrats on the new addition.

The Japanese Redneck said...

I hope that snow doesn't knock the buds off your trees and shrubs.

Crystal said...

Wow amazing there are those flowers and buds and all covered in snow. Looks pretty, but gotta be kinda hard on them.

Beyond My Garden said...

Br-r-r-r. Snow, snow, go away, come again 10 months away.
My kids live at Lake Tahoe and it is shoulder high on their sidewalks. I'm still complaining about the snow predicted this week. Your calf is adorable.

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