Monday, March 7, 2011

Ring Work

I took Otoelene up to the ring this morning and left her for a bit.  I thought she might enjoy the little grass up there since there is none in the barn lot.  I worked with her for about an hour in the afternoon, leading, sending away, yielding the hindquarters, sending away at the trot, flexing her neck and picking up her feet.
I must have tired her out, when I went back with J an hour later she was resting comfortably.   
She didn't even mind being brushed all over while laying down.
J took his turn leading.  I think I need to find a smaller rope halter.  I have a web one that fits but the rope seems to be all the rage with the trainers now.
This was a double obstacle,  not only did she have to step over the log, she had to get past the cat.  So far so good, she has been a fast learner and if she has a fit it is usually very minor.


Patrice said...

She looks like she is still quite young. Let us know how old she is in one of your posts. I like one of your earlier pictures on a post where the other horses were all at the fence taking a look when she arrived. Cute shot!

Bethany said...

Gorgeous horse! Sounds like the training is going great.

Here is a tip why some of us like the rope halter. Rope halters bring more responsiveness than a regular halter because they have a "bite" to them where the others allow for a LOT of pulling/leaning against. Rope halters won't hurt the horse just makes it uncomfortable for them to lean on. Also with the rope halter your signals are much more clear.

Just found your blog and love it.

Kim said...

Just thought I would mention...We got a great yearling rope halter at Actually we have purchased lots of stuff from her. She hand makes them in whatever colors you want. Ships fast too.

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