Friday, June 3, 2011

More Horse Training

I usually work with Otoelene but since she is suppose to be J's horse he needs to get use to her too.  He has ridden horses all his life but never really trained one.
 Lunging is like a foreign language he has to learn.
 He has been doing great with Otoelene.
 One occasion however,  getting a little like he's halter breaking a steer.
 V got a good laugh.  She said it looked like he was trying to reel in a big fish.
 J did not appreciate the comments from the peanut gallery.
All in all, I think they had a pretty good day.  I always enjoy being together with family and horses.


Kim said...

Looks like something that goes on around here.
Love Otolene's coat now. She's really pretty.

Deanna said...

Lounging! . . . Why is that some horses just "get" it, while others take so long to catch on, right? I totally understand your son's "reeling in a big fish." haha - been there!
Great blog!!

Leontien said...

Oh I love lounging! And it is a real good training method!

Thanks for sharing

Deanna said...

Did I say son??? I meant your hubby!! Sorry about that! Your hubby was "reeling in that fish!" =D

The Japanese Redneck said...

My hubby is in for the same experience with our Ziggy!

I didn't realize she was a paint.

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