Monday, May 21, 2012

Riding debut

We finally got to a horse show this spring.  It was a local show with a judge I don't care much for but I was really wanting to show Otoelene in a walk/trot class.  
 We started out with Open Western Halter.  Otoelene was the first one in the ring and stood perfectly.  She was calm and quite the entire time.  She didn't place out of ten horses but I didn't really expect her to.  She just turned 2 April 30th.
 E showed in Youth Showmanship.  They did a simple pattern but then the Judge didn't even walk over to  do an inspection. He just stood 20 feet away and nodded then placed the class.   One more thing to show he doesn't have a clue. E then showed in Youth Western Pleasure which was a disaster.  Pep stubbed up and wouldn't lope well either way.  She is barefoot and there was 4 inches of course gravel in the ring.  E didn't take her back for anymore rail classes.
 I took Otoelene in Open Go As You Please.  She did wonderful.  She was quite and consistent.  She never spooked at anything.  The other horses were of no concern.
 I still have a lot of work to do on her head set but I was ecstatic about her attitude.  This was the first time we had hauled her any where to ride.  I walked her all over the show grounds with no problems, she even walked over the bridge they had out for trail class.
 There were 2 hunter classes for Hank.  He was his usual Steady Eddie self.  In the line up the judge had to ask if hunters were use to picking up the canter from the walk or did that mess us up.  I should have said "So you don't know how to judge hunters either?"  But I didn't, I just said yes we can canter from a walk, it's not a problem.  3rd out of 4 in both classes.  Oh well, we earned our money back anyway.
 E finally redeemed herself with Pep in the trail class.  Opened and closed the rope gate,
 trotted over poles (well, fasted walked over them because they were spaced too far apart for her),
 stood for the rain slicker on both sides,
 no problem with the bridge,
 and through the L back.  There was a big round of applause when she finished.
 And the blue ribbon goes to....
And we can't forget J.  He was an excellent driver and groom for the day.  The paybacks were good and we were only out $5 in entry fees for the day.  Very successful outing for Otoelene's first ride.


Story said...

Wow! Go Otoelene!!! Great job!

C said...

Great job!

Crystal said...

She sure is doing good! Too bad about the judge, but the rest sounds like fun.

fernvalley01 said...

Sounds like a good outing for the horses, and Otelene, too bad about the poor judging, but it happens .

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