Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Fall Colors

The last couple of days have been gorgeous!  Blue sky and temps in the 60's. 
 And looking out of my front door I see this beautiful red maple.  The only problem is I'm looking out of the door because I'm cleaning windows.  Yes, time to take out the screens and clean the windows.  One of my least favorite house work chores.
 But I also get to see this.
 A magnificent hickory tree on the hill in front of the house.
And yes, I get to ride the horses in all of this wonder.


Alica said...

Just gorgeous! I love those red leaves!

~Allison said...

I love fall! Those trees are gorgeous. . .as are the horses :)

What a dream to be able to ride with that view!

Crystal said...

Wow that is a beautiful red tree!!! Sure makes work more pleasant when the view is pretty :)

fernvalley01 said...

Beautiful! Our leaves are nearly all gone but ti was a lovely colorful fall

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