Friday, October 5, 2012

Fridays Fences #52 and The Big Goat Roundup

Another twofer, but sorry fence lookers, yours are at the end.  
 We started literally at the crack of dawn this morning.
 It was time for the Big Goat Roundup.
 Through years of experience we have discovered that a plastic bag on a stick seems to be the best way to really get the goats moving.
 So it was off the hill, into the barn lot,
 then into the barn.
 J separated out the nannies.  We ended up keeping 40 adult nannies, 2 little ones and a late born billy.  I'm not sure how to count Sissy, she absolutely won't stay with the goat herd.
 Through the fence, here's the kid crop for this year.  58 total sold with an average weight of 67 pounds.
Poor Emma was so overcome with excitement (sorry you can't hear the high pitched whining) that we had to banish her from the process.
For more of or through a fence pictures click HERE.


Alica said...

I'll bet that was a noisy herd of goats! (I just know how our two could wake the neighbors :))

Beth Edwards said...

oh, wow ... i don't mind looking through them all to get to the FF ... so great. i love the views. my fav is the 3rd shot. the rolling hills, cowboy & running goats. so perfect. (:

Rose said...

Interesting...and LOVE that first shot.

Crystal said...

Very cool! Is that about average weight for a goat you sell. I know very little about goats (and not sure I need to know more ;)

Mimi Foxmorton said...

Their wee faces just make me smile........ :)

Have a wonderful weekend!

The Goat Borrower

Anne (cornucopia) said...

All of the pictures were wonderful to see! The dawn looked beautiful!

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