Saturday, October 6, 2012

Pear Sauce and then Some

It's that time again.  Yes, PEAR SAUCE TIME.  No apples again on our trees this year and the pears aren't as abundant as the last two years but there are still plenty, more that J can eat raw.  
 We still have sauce left over from last year so J wasn't having to count containers to limit himself until this year's crop was ready.
 But hating to see them go to waste, I'm making more sauce.  Of course, it starts with a bucket of pears.
 Peeled and cook just like for applesauce.  But a little different is the fact that pears seem to have a much higher water content.  So, to keep from having the sauce too runny I've been draining a lot of the liquid off and pouring it out.  That is until the last batch last year when I saved some with the idea of maybe using it in a punch at Christmas.  Well, that never happened and it was still in the freezer.  Then a friend came over for a first time riding lesson and she saw the jars of sauce.  She said she use to drink pear juice until it got too expensive to buy. WHAT?  You buy the stuff I've been pouring out?  I gave her what I had in the freezer and
am now bottling the juice.  I drain it before I add the sugar and it is still very sweet.  I'm now drinking it myself (it is very good, the taste of the pears without the yucky gritty part), but J still won't touch it.  Looks like this bottle might run over $4.00.  Who knew?


Alica said...

I love pears...never thought to make sauce from them!

Cheyenne said...

Why not add yeast and sugar to the Pear juice, use a sherry yeast, and make Pear Cider, or as we call it, "Perry"? Beautiful as an apperetife.

Crystal said...

interesting!! Never woulda thought of making juice out of the leftover.

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