Monday, April 22, 2013

First Trail Ride

Our little 4-H group had a trail ride/meeting yesterday.  It was a little cool but still nice for a ride.  We had 3 4-Her's riding and 6 adults.  J made the comment that maybe we need an adult 4-H club instead.   
 E doesn't like trail rides so we let Jordyn ride Hank instead.  This was her first trail ride and who better to take care of her than Hank.
 He plodded along at his own pace working his way to the back of the pack.  He took excellent care of Jordyn.
 Jessica, on the other hand, made a bee line for the front, and stayed there the entire ride.  It was work trying to keep up with her walk.  We started out on the linear parkway, an old railroad bed that has been reclaimed as a biking/hiking/riding trail.
 Then we cut off of that and ran into this.  Apparently, the winter weather has been rough on the trails and there hasn't been much clearing done yet.  J had to get off several times to break branches, move trees and pull down vines.
When we made it out of there, Jordyn still wanted to ride more so we went on the linear parkway the other direction for a little while.  When we were done she said it was a little scary but still had a good time.


cheyenne jones said...

Wonderful to be out!!

Crystal said...

I think I would love to belong to an adult 4H club :)

Willow said...

Oh makes me remember my fun years as a trail guide !
My favorite of all jobs, ever !

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