Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Good Weather

Enough complaining about bad weather, we are finally having some good!
 I went to ride Otoelene the other day and she was taking a nap soaking up the sun.  I had to wait a while for her to wake up.  I hate having my nap interrupted so I thought I would respect her nap taking.
 It's hard to tell but the horses are actually starting to shed now.   I hope this means that the good weather is here to stay.   I just rode Otoelene in the barn since it had been a while since I rode her last.  She did fine, getting a little quicker picking up the canter and dropping her head well at the trot.
It was such a nice day that I caught Hank and rode him too.  I took a tour around the farm with him.  He reminded me what a big and powerful horse he is.  He really wanted to get out and stretch his legs.  I let him do a little running but the ground was still wet and slick and I didn't want an injury at the start of the season. (no injury with the horses anyway, but I'm a little saddle sore)


Mary Ann said...

We must be sisters under the skin, I would have let her finish her nap, too!

50+ Horses said...

Looked so warm and sunny that I wanted to nap next to her!

Crystal said...

Oh she looks so peaceful napping. Nice to get back out riding again after its been a while.

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