Monday, April 29, 2013

Night Training

Last night instead of sitting and watching television, I decided to work on Brother in the barn.  We have lights down there you know.   I did have to think ahead and catch him and have him in the lot earlier so we could find him.  It's a little tough wondering around on the hillside hunting for one in the dark.  
 I've been riding him a little but not very consistently  and usually by myself so no pictures.  J was with me this time and I got 3 pictures before the camera battery quit.  The last couple of times Brother seemed a little fresh so there was a bit more lounging involved.
 He was doing so well having been ridden 2 days in a row that I cantered him for the first time.  He did great! and was so smooth.  I'm really looking forward to more of that.  J then got on for his turn.
I asked him if he was going to wear his helmet and he asked, "Do I need it?"  I said, "You don't need it unless you need it and then it's too late."  He went ahead and put it on to save time arguing  and fortunately, didn't need it.  He said he thought Brother was doing a lot better since the last time he rode him.  (Just to be clear, Brother is J's horse).  The biggest problem with riding at night is that the light are so bright, when we take the horse back outside it's about 10 minutes before they can see anything.  If I turn them loose too soon they just wander around bumping into things.

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