Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Spring Turn Out

J is trying to get all of the fences fixed so we can start turning the cows and calves out onto their spring grass.  
   E was good enough to help us with the first 18 this weekend.
 She helped round them up, sort, make the ear tags,
 and kept the vaccine syringes and ear tagger loaded.  She still has no desire to give shots.  I told her that pharmacists can give shots but she said she would just hire a nurse to do that.
The process went without a hitch and we have 18 fewer cow/calf pairs to worry about.  J still has a lot of fence to repair and water gaps to fix so we can get the rest turned out soon.  A farmer's work is never done.


Alica said...

I'll bet those cows/calves are happy! Ours went out on pasture this week, and they just love it!

Crystal said...

Oh that last statement sure is true! We got a lot of fence to fix this year from the snow being piled so high on it just wrecked wires.

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