Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Who Needs a Gym?

- when you have cattle to work.  Yesterday we got up the yearlings to work so we could start turning them out on the spring pastures. 
First, it was up and down these hills to get this group. 
 Then they got with the group hanging around the shed.
 Then it was a sprint up this hill to get this little group.
 Finally, they were all headed toward the barn.
You would then think it pretty simple to get them through the gap and into the barn lot.  
 Simple for 86 out of 87 that is.
 This little guy just wouldn't go through the gate no matter what.  We finally just gave up and left him out because we were running behind.  
Then we sorted and worked the steers.  Then sorted out the replacement heifers and worked them.  Then worked the rest of the heifers.  Then hauled 2 loads of steers to a new field and turned out the others for the time being.  Working them consisted of - open head gate, open tail gate, close head gate, close tail gate, repeat...86 times.  I got my cardio work-out and weight machine both done today.


Crystal said...

Yup that is pretty much like a workout, bet your glad you don't have to do that every day.

fernvalley01 said...

I hear you ! seems like some days I do nothing but sweat with livestock. But somehow I still need to watch my weight .I told my dad once with all I do here I should have to stand twice to make a shadow! But have the metabolism of a polar bear so I am ready for a cold snap!

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