Saturday, September 21, 2013

3 Random Things

When I commented on my What's Blooming post and said "I did leave out my 7 butterfly bushes, but who hasn't seen one of those.", Fern Valley asked, What's a butterfly bush?
 Well, here is one of the 7.  I got the first one from my sister in NC.  It must volunteer from seed because I would get them coming up in multiple flower beds.  I transplanted several but now I either just pull them up or give them away.
 Butterflies seen to be highly attracted to the blooms and it blooms from June until frost.  I cut them back to the ground in very early spring otherwise they just get too big.
 E got a very nice rainbow picture yesterday from the back porch.
The goats were headed out this morning.  I liked the long line they were in.

1 comment:

CDH said...

Not to mention that they smell wonderful too! Pretty rainbow. The goat line almost looks like a fence!

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