Friday, September 6, 2013

Bubble Wrap Please

We leave for the State 4-H Horse Show in 6 days. 
E has been keeping Pep in a smaller field with no rocks in hopes that she will avoid another abscess.
 When J was working on the driveway the other day he looked over and saw Pep with her back down hill and her head underneath the woven wire fence.  She must have been rolling too close to the fence and slid under.  She managed to get herself out before J got to her.  Luckily, she just had a few abrasions and minor cuts on her head and front legs.
Otoelene, as the back up horse, now has an abscess on her back hoof so she has been keeping Pep company in the "safe" field while she is recuperating and on antibiotics. 
Hank is hanging out to see what happens.  I've already started riding him more to get him back in shape for endurance riding.  But now we are working on gates, backing, and leads just in case.


Ian H said...

From here, the foot looks more like a striking injury than an abscess.

Anything on the bottom side that indicates being "gravelled"?

4RRanch said...

It's on the outside toward the back of the hind foot and yes, there is hoof wall separation underneath. It's an abscess that opened up at the coronary band.

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