Tuesday, September 17, 2013

New Horse, What?

We have just gotten rid of one and in comes another.  Thumper's new owner called today and said he was doing great.  He never even acted like he was anywhere new.  It's nice to get a good update on a sold horse.
 Meanwhile, another one has shown up here.  My sister's horse Wrangle wasn't working out for her so J and I went and picked him up today.
 He loaded fine, backed off the trailer fine, and did some free work in the round pen.  I decided to go ahead and start riding him too.  He is just a 3 year old and had about 60 days of training last year before my sister got him, then about 30 more last month.  I didn't do too much today, just walk and trot and lots of direction changing.  He did ok for our first lesson.
Then it was out to the barn lot so the other horses can get use to the idea of a new horse on the block.


SheMovedtoTexas said...

He's cute!

Crystal said...

Hmm just keep accumulating...I am really good at it, lol

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