Saturday, February 15, 2014

Jumping Otoelene or NOT

The other day when E was working with Wrangler, I decided to take the saddle off of Otoelene and try her in the round pen with a small jump.  E said no way was Otoelene jumping, she barely picks her feet up to walk or trot.  I said all horses can jump, it is just a matter of finding the proper motivation.  
 So day 1, I started with a 2x4  propped up between a panel and a bucket.
 Well, this is something new and it needs a thorough inspection.
 OK, jump!
 To be fair, I have been practicing side passing over things.  Maybe that's what she thought I wanted.
 A quick turn around and well, yes you have to inspect this side too.  It could be different you know.
 OK, jump!

That wasn't quite to spot I wanted her to stop in but that's where she did.
There were several more tries with a little more speed but the best I got was trotting over fast with her picking her feet up high.  At least she quit stepping on it or tripping over it or tangling it up between her legs.  But she never really did jump over it.  I guess I just haven't found the proper motivation yet on Day 1.  But I  am not giving up yet.

Wouldn't one of these made to look like Otoelene be great?  Entering a contest at The Red Headed Mare to see if I can win.

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Crystal said...

Haha this makes me laugh cause I thought all horses would jump too, so where I boarded last winter had jumps and we started on the low crossrails and no way was she gonna jump them, went over them just fine at a walk or trot no hesitation but it was just like an inconvenience, so I raised it, nope just the same, never did get her to jump it, even when we loped over it. Guess she will never be a jumper. Hope you have better luck

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