Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Otoelene Would Like to Show You Around

Not particularly great weather, breezy but it was above freezing, just barely but I had some free time so why not go for a little ride.  
 J was across the creek getting some wood.  I thought about going over there but that water looked pretty cold.
 Nice to see some piles of wood on this side of the creek too.
 One of the 8 gates I had to stop, get off, open, close, get back on.  Because of J's rotational grazing we have lots of smaller fields.  Sometimes I feel it would be nice to have just a few less gates to go through.
 Then we took a stroll through the goats.  It should still be a few weeks before they start kidding.  That white spot just to the right is Bumble, sleeping on the job.  Really she is just taking a little day time nap so she can be alert all night.  Check out the wind blown mane.  I almost didn't wear my helmet so I could keep my hat with the ear flaps on but I decided on safety first.  Maybe someone can come up with a helmet that has ear flaps too.
 Then a visit to the yearling calves.  Everything was a ok there too.
And this is what happens when you get over half an inch of rain on already saturated but still frozen ground.  Otoelene didn't seem to care, guess she is living with enough mud in her field too.  Had a great ride on a great little horse.


Kalin said...

I don't wear a helmet (I know, I know, safety....) but I'm amazed that they don't have a winter-proofed helmet, haha! Maybe with fleece lining. ;)

Beautiful pictures, I'd love to have a big pasture full of goats at the barn I board at (the one's next door that we can play with are stuck in a fence by themselves) my horse loves them, haha!

Laura Lee said...

What a nice ride you had! For winter helmet wearing...I have one of these. It doesn't look exactly like this one but similar. Definitely keeps the head warm! And under 9 bucks!

Kim said...

What a sweet horse.

Aimee Dickenson said...

I can't wait until I've finished popping out kids like a Pez dispenser to start really riding again. This makes me long for those

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