Monday, February 3, 2014

Riding Wrangler

Wow, we have had 2 beautiful days in a row.  After a week of single digits, mid 50's was amazing.  And of course, what better way to celebrate good weather, than to go for a ride.  
 E decided she didn't need to wait until March to ride. (She knows how to clean a hoof but she said she didn't want to turn her back on Wrangler for fear that he might try to take a bite out of her backside.)
 We are still lunging him before every ride.  He probably doesn't need it but I still think it is a good practice for now.  Plus, it helps establish leadership which he is sorely in need of.
I think we could make better progress with the lope once we are able to ride in the outdoor ring and lope for longer stretches.  But he is improving little by little.  We just need to get that head down.  How do trainers do that?
 And then some much needed sunshine.
What a glorious weekend for a ride.  Hope everyone else had fun.

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