Monday, March 31, 2014

15 More

I came home to a note the other day that said, "Have gone to pick up cattle be back by 7."  What cattle, and where?  I had no idea what J was up to.  When he got home he said he had bought 15, 300 wt bulls and steers.  He has been trying to send more cattle to the feed yard so he thought he could start buying a few that would match our fall calves, graze them for the summer then send them out in around July.  
 It's a really cute bunch.  This pair look like city folk chewing on a straw to try and look country.
 The three amigos.
 They really like their grain.  J will probably feed them until the grass gets going and we can turn them out.

So far they have settled in well with little bawling and no fence running.
OK, well maybe a little bawling.


Allison B said...

They are cute!

Alica said...

I like the picture with all their heads down eating grain!

fernvalley01 said...

nice looking calves. I love that "gone to pick up what cattle "

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