Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Another Load Headed West

J has been looking forward to sending these cattle to the feedlot for some time now.  The weather hadn't been too bad until Monday, the big day.  After hearing the forecast, rain, sleet and freezing rain, J had 2 loads of gravel spread in the driveway just in case.  
 We started off feeding the horses to try and get them out of the way.  More on that later.
 Actually getting the calves up was pretty uneventful.  J had been training them for a week to come into the barn lot and 3 days earlier had already gotten the 3 wildest ones in and locked up.  But there were still things which he had no control over.  More on that later too. (actually will be different blog post)  Are you tingly with anticipation yet?
 One thing J couldn't control was the weather.
 The poor calves had icicles hanging off of them.
 We had a total of 3 trailers hauling to the local market which meant they had to make 2 trips.  By the time they returned for the second load the horses had finished their hay and busy making pests of themselves.
They were finally able to load the last of the calves and head off to town.  
 We have to take them to the livestock market to weigh them so the trucker knows how much weight he is hauling.  It's also easier for the tractor trailer to get in out out of here.
 It's hard to appreciate in this picture but the steam was really coming off of the calves by this time.  At leas the icicles had all melted off of them.
Them onto the tractor trailer for the ride to Nebraska.

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