Monday, March 17, 2014

Judging Practice

My last instruction to E before we got the the 4-H meeting was, "Don't let me forget to take any pictures."  Luckily, someone posted some on facebook which is where these came from.
So, we had a 4-H meeting at a different barn Sunday to learn about and practice horse judging.  We had 13, count 'em 13 kids show up.  The only problem now is that 10 were completely different from the last 2 meetings.  I feel like I am starting over every month.  I don't know how many of these are really interested in the club.  Six were FFA students that are going the the State Judging Contest next week and cross entering with 4-H.  But at least it does give E a team to judge with instead of just having to go as an individual again.  
 Three of the kids even came from a different county because they said that their county didn't have a horse club.
Just hope I can keep some consistency with who shows up.  It would make my job easier.

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