Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Just Checking

Monday ended up being pretty nice, weather wise.  Much better than the snow storm on Tuesday.  And what better way to enjoy the weather than a ride on Otoelene.  She really is an awesome little horse.  
  After some warm up in the barn I took her though the heifer field to check out the new calf.  We also did a little loping around outside to show her why we lope around in the arena.   We even practiced moving a few heifers around.  I think Otoelene could really get into cutting if I new anything about doing it.  She is always very interested in the cattle but not spooky in the least.  Even when they take off running toward or away from her, she isn't phased.
 Then over to the cows to check out their progress.
 Most of the cows like to keep their calves in the nursery, lots of calves watched over by a few cows.
 Then I saw this cutie.  I asked J why he didn't tell me about the pretty spotted calf.  His response was, "We don't have a spotted calf."  When I showed him the picture he just said it was a baldy.  Well, for what's in our herd I'm calling it spotted.
I ended up riding for about 2 hours.  A wonderful ride on a wonderful horse.  


50+ Horses said...

Ahhh, there's not much better than the ride you shared! :)

Crystal said...

Aww I like that spotty calf too :)

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