Monday, March 10, 2014

No Show

Well, I chickened out.  E didn't want to drive with me anyway.  And then when I went to ride Brother after church, he was lame.  We had pulled his rear shoes when we had them reset last month and it looks like he might have another abscess on a rear hoof.  It's always something.  
 But since the temperature wasn't too bad E when ahead and rode Wrangler.  At one point he picked up the wrong lead for a stride then did a flying lead change to fix it and E asked, "What was that, did he buck?"
 I always try to get in at least one gate practice every session.
 I don't want any horse that might go to the state show not to be able to do the gate.
So far he's been doing pretty good.  We really need it to dry up some so we can ride in the outdoor ring and work more on that lope.  I wish he would lope more relaxed and reach that head down some.


Kalin said...

Haha, reminds me of the first time my horse loped. He has a super rough gait so his canter needs a lot of work, I stopped him and said, "Did he just try to buck me off?" and everyone was like, "Uh, nope!" Lol!

Michaele said...

Such a nice place to ride. Sorry you didn't get to go.

50+ Horses said...

Sorry you didn't make it to the show but still encouraging you to learn to haul. :)

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