Saturday, March 15, 2014

One Bad Apple

 One bad apple tree that is.  I don't remember what kind of apple tree it was suppose to be but I'm pretty sure it wasn't labeled "Small and Gnarly" when I bought it.  After several seasons of having apple, none were edible.
 With the weather being nice enough to do some yard work, it was time to take it down.
 J is a wiz with the chain saw and make quick work of it.

It took longer to load it on the truck than it did to cut it down.
Now the good apple tree on the left and the peach tree on the right will have a little more room, my flower bed in front will get more sun, and J can get around better with the lawn mower.  Looks like a win, win, win for everyone but the bad apple.


Alica said...

Lucky have a peach tree! We've thought about planting some fruit trees, but don't want to do all the pruning and spray work that they seem to need. Do you guys do that? Or maybe you get good fruit without needing to do all that?

4RRanch said...

A lot of pruning but no spraying.

50+ Horses said...

Nummmm! Looking forward to seeing that fruit this summer!! :)

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