Friday, March 7, 2014

To Drive Or Not To Drive

There is a fun show coming up on Sunday about an 1 1/2 hours away.  There are several walk/trot classes and youth classes.  I would really love to take Brother and Wrangler to see if the show in October- here -was a fluke or not.   I've been getting them both ridden at least once or twice a week all winter so they haven't really suffered any on training.   
The only problem is J doesn't think he can take us because he is still feeding the cattle and won't have time to take off for the day.  That means between now and then I have to learn how to drive the trailer if I want to go.  It's a tough call.


Michaele said...

Oh that would be tough. Sounds stressful too. But maybe it's time?

Kim said...

You can drive the trailer, girl. It's easier than it looks. I learned how when our calves got out and were on the turnpike with traffic stopped during rush hour! Just don't back up or find someone to do it for you. ;)

50+ Horses said...

Kim is right - you CAN do this! I've found that the more you drive the better you get (duh)...especially when backing.

Use extra distance between other vehicles and look ahead when coming to a stop sign/light so you have more space to slow down.

When backing...and yes, you will eventually have to do that...just take your time. Don't be in a rush or get flustered if you have to back and re-back to get it correct. The more you back the better you get.

Used to always have my husband drive the 1-ton (4 door) dually and 3-horse slant with large tack room. A few years ago when I was sorting I started driving and I'll never forget the summer night I drove home after going to a sorting all by myself. I felt so liberated, I yahooed all the way home! :)

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