Thursday, March 20, 2014

Wreck of the Week

As I eluded to yesterday there was one other thing that J had no control over and that was calf stupidity.  After we had gotten the calves up J wanted to check the field one more time because there was a calf with sore foot he thought might not have come in.  I volunteered to do this because I thought it would be pretty simple to check a mostly open field.  
 I sort of thought something looked a little odd about that group of trees straight ahead.
 You just wonder why, why, why and how, how, how.
 My first thought was, "Oh my, I really don't want to have to tell J one of his calves is stuck in a tree dead."  I was so thankful when I saw her blink.
 J went to get the chainsaw and about that time the 2 guys helping us haul the calves showed up.
J was still trying to figure out where to cut the tree.  
They finally decided that they had enough muscle to just lift her up.  
Amazingly, she got up and walked off, albeit a little staggery.   Needless to say, she didn't go on the trailer with the rest of the calves.
J put this as his facebook status on Monday with the title Wreck of the Week.  One of his friends said, "Watch it J, there's a lot of week left."


Andrea Chalk said...

Wow, what a mess. Good on you for checking on her promptly! It's amazing what kind of trouble the critters can get into regardless of how much we check on them.

Crystal said...

Wow all the troubles they can get into! Good thing you saved him.

50+ Horses said...

I'm thinking a cow in a tree is worth two in the field? :)

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