Wednesday, June 25, 2014

4-H Trail Ride

After the long day and horse show Saturday, we had a 4-H meeting and trail ride on Sunday.
 We had a good ratio this time, more 4-Her's than adults 4/3.
 We've had 2 new sisters this year at most of our meetings.  This was the first real trail ride they've been on an the longest ride.  They and their horses did great, really fit right in.  Their horses were barefoot but all of the rocks didn't seem to bother them any.
 J rode Brother.  He (Brother) was a little anxious but settled down and did fine.  We had two 16.3 hand horses with us that took the lead and even out walked Jessica (at 14.2).
 E and Hank took up their position in the rear.  E says she likes it there.
She did manage to sneak in front of me at a water crossing though.  We made the Horse Heaven trip in record walking time of 2 hr and 25 mim.  I think everyone had a good time.

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