Friday, June 27, 2014

In Bloom at the 4R's

Looks like my flowers are hitting their stride.  But it's turned off dry here now so it's hard to say how long things will stay pretty.  
 The Black Eyed Susan's are bright eyed.
 And I have a few purple asters blooming.
 It's really hard to get a good angle to show how spectacular the sweep of day lillies along the drive really is.
 I hope this gives you the idea.
 And the cone flower are showing themselves.
 How cool is that?
 I love the pink phlox.  But anything pink I pretty much love.
And who can resist purple drumsticks?  Flowers rock!


Alica said...

You sure have beautiful flowers! Those day lillies are spectacular!

Crystal said...

Love the lillies along the driveway, so pretty :)

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