Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Spot Spraying

We got a different spray to spot spray the thistles with this year.  I had been using Cimarron which we had originally gotten to spray rose bushes.  It works well but takes 3 weeks before you really see anything happening.   So if I sprayed in a field I wouldn't be able to see what I had missed for 3 weeks.   
 The new one we are trying is Forefront.
So far it looks like it is working pretty good.  The thistles start to wilt in 24 hours and and dying in just a few days.  It is a much better use of time.  I go into a field and spray after J has rotated the cattle out and I can go back several times before the grass gets too tall to spray effectively.  Maybe we'll get control of all of these noxious weeds one of these days.


Story said...

Noxious they make me frown every day! I feel like our property is getting slowly overrun by dyer's woad. Disturb the soil and voila, a new patch of dyer's woad! Why can't the native grasses be so aggressive???

Crystal said...

ugg I hate weeds, specially thistle. Luckily our pastures are in pretty decent shape and we can deal with them but the yard and garden is another story

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