Sunday, June 22, 2014

Warning, Even More Horse Show Pictures.

Our Saddle Club had it's first full show of the season on Saturday.  The weather was nice even if it was a little windy.  We ended up taking Pep for E to show, Wrangler for me and Brother for both of us.  V was going to show Hank but changed her mind because there is a history of a poor turnout of hunters and she didn't want to be the only one. (there was one other but she was still glad she didn't take Hank)
It was a good thing Alex had come to see her show because they ended up being roped into grilling the hamburgers for the concession stand.  
 E's first class was Showmanship.
Which she handily won  against a couple of 7 year olds.  (it was 18 and under)
She took Pep in Stock horse Go As You Please
 which was Wrangler's first class.   There was a really good turnout of 16 for the class.
E and Pep walked away with first place and $42.
And Wrangler and I got third.  Not too shabby.
E took Pep in a Ranch Pleasure Horse Pattern class and did excellent placing 3rd with her.
Then we switched gears and she took Brother in Jr. Horse Go As You Please.
There was an excellent line up in this class including me and Wrangler and 4th from the right one of Brother's brothers.  E was 2nd and I was 4th.
Then we changed things up again and I showed Brother in Open Western Pleasure, (E didn't feel like loping him).  He was really doing well until a horse ran up on him the second way.  He didn't break but he really did tense up and sped up.  
 We still managed a 4th out of that.
E finished up taking Pep in trail.  She much prefers a ring and didn't care to do the side pass out in the open.
Everything else she did ok with but still ended up not placing.  Oh, and we had a riding for charity class that had 18 people.   And the charity was our 4-H Horse Club.  We ended up with $144.  But for some reason they didn't place the class again so I was more or less an adult leadline with everyone getting a ribbon.
Still, it was a great day.  $96 in entry fees but we made back $113.  And then I had to take over french fry station at the concession stand for the gymkhana part of the show.  I fried fries and made chilli cheese fries until 11 pm.  I think I even dreamed about french fries.   I got into bed at 1 am.  A big day all the way around.

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Grantham Lynn said...

Congratulations on a great show. I miss the days! I had to laugh my daughters favorite class was trail! She still loves it. We were in a club that was mostly playday people. She loved showing like your daughter. We were never lucky enough to win back money only ribbons and trophies!
Thanks for sharing! I loved it!

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