Saturday, July 19, 2014

Big Delivery

J completely quit making have about 3 years ago and has gone to purchasing everything.  
 Last year he got his hay from about 8 different people.
 This year he only has 2 suppliers.
 It has taken several days and a lot of waiting between loads,
but it is finally all delivered.  750 bales at 3 different farms.   Hope we are set for the winter now.


CDH said...

We buy all our hay also. Go through 1 supplier. First is cut baled and covered, still waiting on second to be baled. Then the long process of loading it home and unloading and stacking. We get 4x4x8 bales. So no bucking bales! Yeah! Except the 5 ton of barn hay we get.

Crystal said...

Oh I wish we did that, and this year we are gonna have to buy some hay in addition to the stuff we grow

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