Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Bad Horse For Sale Picture #21

It never ceases to amaze me that with all of the technology currently available, people choose to put up crazy bad pictures to advertise their horses.  I could maybe see this 20 years ago when we were still taking film pictures, had to send them off to develop and had to actually pay money for them.  But now, I guess since pictures are essentially free, nobody takes the time to get a good one.  But they are free, so why not take a hundred until you get a good one.  I don't understand!  The following are the 3 pictures someone put on Craig's List to sell their horse.   
This is never a good angle but at least you can sort of see the horse and it's color.  
 Where as this "devil eye" picture I guess is just demonstrating what a family horse it is.  
But this one is by far my favorite.  However,  I'm not sure a Taliban horse is going to be that popular right now.


CDH said...

There was an ad in the paper.
A little brown horse. Mare, half stallion! Lol!
Loves to run especially getting groomed! Lol!
Kid friendly! Omg! I thought maybe it was a joke!

C said...

I thought this post was funny - why would someone use a picture of their horse with a towel on its head - I laughed.

I have to say the comment above was also a hoot.

fernvalley01 said...

good grief! I have some difficulty taking pics of mine but only because its hard to get far enough away from such friendly critters, but yes, take as many as it takes to get a good shot that shows the horse at its best

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